wedding plannerWedding styling and decor is a big part of your event, you want to set the scene and get the look you want, but there is so much more involved in putting together a wedding.

Many vendors promote themselves as wedding stylists and planners, and I’m sure there are plenty who are good at both, but here at Juno Events we specialise in planning and management of all aspects of your wedding.  We have an extensive network of incredibly talented and innovative Perth wedding stylists we can call on to help create the look and feel you want, and I personally think it’s best to leave that side of things to genuine experts.

Being a wedding planner certainly involves being creative and aware of style, but it’s so much more than that.  It’s about managing schedules, timelines, budgets and overly keen future mothers-in-law.  It’s about contracts and guest lists, seating plans and rehearsals, music playlists and stationery.

It’s easy to get swoony about gorgeous Instagram photos of perfectly styled wedding tables, bouquets and more, I know I do!  That’s not really what a true wedding planner is about, though.  She (or he) is your PA, your sounding board, your go-to person, your budget controller, and your rock throughout the entire process.  Your wedding planner should be taking all of the mundane, non-fun tasks off your checklist so that you can focus on the fun stuff – like styling, picking your dress, tasting cake (OK, we usually want to come along for those sessions, I mean, who wouldn’t?) and so on.

Your wedding planner will be working on the day while you are sipping champagne and having your hair done, taking care of the multitude of behind-the-scenes jobs that need to be done – checking the venue, setting out place cards, making sure all vendors are on time and at the right place, right down to tiny details like adjusting the air conditioning, lighting candles, volume levels and more.  She (or he) will be on call, on site and on task ALL day to make sure you are not bothered by any potential tiny hiccups, and, if they’ve done their job properly, will have had all of these things finalised, confirmed and triple checked days and weeks in advance.

There really is so much more to it than styling, so let the stylist style, let the celebrant marry you, let the DJ play music and MC, and let your wedding planner manage it all.  With the average wedding costing well over $25,000, it’s money well spent to ensure that everything flows smoothly.