wedding planning

There seems to be a misleading idea out there that hiring a wedding planner is only for those spending a fortune on their wedding, but nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact, helping you to achieve your dream wedding on a budget is one of the most important things a good wedding planner can do for you, so you should really be asking yourself if you can afford NOT to hire one.

So why is it worth it to spend money on a wedding planner?  Here are just a few reasons

TIME – the average wedding takes over 250 hours to plan, and if you’re working and trying to have a social life, it can be very tough to find the time to cover all of the less glamorous and fun jobs, like chasing up vendors for quotes, managing a schedule, alphabetising name cards and staying on top of budget payments.  A wedding planner is there to take care of all of the mundane tasks, leaving you free to focus on the fun stuff like dress shopping, table styling and cake tasting.

VISION – you might have a zillion Pinterest posts saved showing the look and style you love, but sometimes it can take a professional to help you pull together the various threads to create the final result you want. Here at Juno Events we outsource styling, as we feel this is best left to the professionals, so whether you want a boho, rustic look or a sleek, modern feel, we know the perfect styling and hire company to bring your vision to life.

SAVE MONEY – Yes, you will pay for the services of your wedding planner, but trust me, any decent wedding planner will end up saving you heaps in the long run by helping you pick trustworthy vendors, avoid doubling up on costs and helping you negotiate your contracts and stick to your budget.  When you’re spending, on average, $35,000+ on something, it makes good financial sense to consult with a professional.

NO STRESS – planning a wedding can raise a lot of emotions, and not just on the part of the bride and groom. Overbearing future mother in law?  Bridesmaids who aren’t getting involved?  No worries – your planner can be the impartial adviser and buffer zone to help you negotiate these emotional pitfalls and support you fully throughout the process, including that often-tricky guest seating plan.

ENJOY YOUR DAY! You do not want to wake up on the morning of your wedding panicking about the reception set up, wondering if the DJ set up on time or standing in your driveway anxiously awaiting your photographer’s arrival.  Your wedding planner will have double and triple checked all of these details for you, and be on call for any last minute fires that need to be put out.  All you have to do is get ready, and then get married.

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Here are just a few more discussions about the benefits of hiring a professional wedding planner, enjoy reading, and then contact Juno Events to chat about how we can help you create your dream wedding.